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20 #NextLevel IoT Developer Hacks

We know there’s never enough time in the day to fine-tune your IoT project — especially when you’re spending valuable minutes writing code that’ll never be used.That’s why we’ve pulled together 20 growth hacks that you can use today to reshape the future of cellular IoT with your innovative project.

Avoid doing unnecessary coding with these 20 #NextLevel IoT Developer Hacks so you can launch and scale faster.


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7 Pitfalls That Can Kill Your IoT Projects

Many businesses are struggling to take their IoT projects from plans to reality, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to build products and services that ultimately fail. That’s why it’s essential to form a strategic plan before jumping into an IoT project — one that anticipates these potential roadblocks before they occur and provides the solutions that can keep your project growing.

Learn more about seven of the most common pitfalls that keep IoT projects from succeeding, and three key tips on how to avoid them.


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The Developer's Guide To IoT Data and Protocol Management

When you consider that the amount of IoT devices has surpassed the global mobile device count (with many more on the way), it becomes clear that most IoT projects are deploying more than a few sensors each. In fact, some are actively managing as many as 10s of 1000s of IoT-connected devices stretching across wide geographic ranges. This is one of the key areas where device and protocol management can play a vital role in the growth of IoT projects.

Find out how IoT project managers and developers can use IoT data and protocol management services to scale their operations efficiently and effectively.


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What The Telcos Won't Tell You

While cellular data networks provide the range and reliability
that most ioT projects need, existing telecom business models were not designed to support the needs of IoT devices and developers. Long-term contracts, restrictive NDAs, minimum data commitments, and lack of skilled support can stop a project before it even gets off the whiteboard. The absence of tools for network management, device provisioning, and cloud integration can block the path to scale.

Be sure to ask these 10 questions before choosing a cellular connectivity for your IoT projects.


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