IoT Consultation

Soracom brings together global IoT connectivity, built-in management platform and API, and the technologies to help build your IoT vision to launch, scale, and succeed. Whether you are in the early stage or currently prototyping, we want to understand your needs and solve any concerns you might have around your projects.
You will be in touch with one of our IoT Solution Specialists who can share what we’ve learned working with 15k+ customers and scaling to hundreds of thousands of devices.
Jumpstart your IoT project
We aim to build a more connected world with our technologies and services. Let us be a part of your journey.

IoT Consultation with Soracom

Cellular IoT Connectivity

Connect with the strongest available coverage over 2G, 3G, LTE, Cat M1 and LPWA networks with coverage in more than 130+ countries

Connecting to the cloud

Bypass public internet or create your own private network and connect directly to the leading cloud services

Device and Data Management

Built-in Management Console and programmable API to manage from one to thousands of your devices

Private IoT Networking

Enhance device security and keep IoT data off the public Internet

Reporting and Analysis

View real-time data coming in from IoT devices and create on-the-fly time-series and GPS visualizations

ROI Optimization

Optimize your maintenance to help significantly cut inventory-related costs and reduce asset downtime