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A plan you can plan around

If you need to connect your devices to the cloud in the USA or Canada only, our single-carrier package gives you great coverage at a discounted rate. Need multicarrier coverage? Choose our standard plan in the "Global Coverage" tab above.

Flexible pricing, low rates

Our standard, pay-as-you-go pricing plan. Global coverage with no commitment and discounted rates as your number of devices and data usage grows.

What you'll pay

Soracom SIM Card

You’ll need an individual SIM card for every device you’re planning on connecting to the cloud with Soracom.

We provide a range of SIM and eSIM products. Learn about our SIM cards

Basic Fee

You’ll pay a small daily usage fee for every active SIM card you have connected to the cloud.

Discounts are available for high volume use cases. Talk to Sales

Data Usage Fee

The price you pay for data transmitted to the cloud will vary by country. *Price shown for USA/Canada coverage.

Soracom connects your device in countries all over the world. See our coverage

Get started with Soracom

Our team of experts are on hand to help get your IoT devices connected with Soracom at the best possible price.

Included tools

Soracom includes essential IoT tools to keep your fleet operating smoothly as it grows

Management Console

Bandwidth Control

IMEI lock

API control

Traffic history

Usage alerts

Automation tools

Cost breakdown

Optional Extras

Whether you want to quickly build a PoC or need a custom integration, Soracom's platform features have you covered

Custom DNS


CHAP Authentication


Data Transfer

$0.09/10,000 requests

Remote Access


Private Networking


Device Provisioning

From $0.40/month

Data & File storage

From $0.05/day

* VPG might be required prior using some of these services and has additional costs. View the additional fees here.

Scale more, save more

Volume discounts for basic fees and data usage fees are automatically applied as your usage grows

Basic fee discount

If you have more than 100 active SIMs, the basic fee is discounted for all SIMs above 100

Data usage fee discount

Data rates for United States and Canada automatically drop as your pooled data usage grows

Low Data Volume plan*

Basic Fees $0.40 / Active device per month
Basic fees won’t be applied if your SIM status is in Standby/Suspended applied and will only get charged if your SIMs are Active/Inactive.
Data Rates $0.50 /MB *
Applies to pooled data traffic in your account. * Price shown for USA coverage

* Plan is not available in all countries. Refer to the Supported Carriers documentation for more information.

Take Control

Whether your device sits in a warehouse idle before deployment or needs to be taken offline during maintenance, Soracom integrates seamlessly with your device life-cycle.
What’s more, you can control your SIMs programmatically using the Soracom API, allowing you to automatically trigger changes right at the factory.