Data and Protocol Management

A complete set of services to view and optimize your IoT data

Visualize data without a server

If you’re just getting started, Soracom Harvest lets you store data and plot simple time-series trendlines and plot GPS coordinates. It’s great for confirming that devices are delivering data as expected without setting up a server.

Soracom Harvest

Serverless dashboards

For larger deployments or multiple data points, Soracom Lagoon lets you build beautiful IoT dashboards based on the Grafana open-source tool for data monitoring and metrics analysis.

Soracom Lagoon

Access IoT devices on demand

If you’ve tried to access IoT devices remotely, you know it’s not always as easy as it should be. Soracom Napter lets you access devices remotely. On demand. Without setting up relay servers, installing agents on devices, or risking security with a fixed public IP address.

Soracom Napter

Provision devices on the fly

Devices need credentials to access public clouds. That’s good for cloud security, but storing credentials on devices can compromise device security. It also adds significant complexity to the manufacturing process. Soracom Krypton gives you the ability to provision devices remotely and manage credentials on demand.

Soracom Krypton

Reduce data and power consumption

Soracom Beam reduces data and power needs related to encryption, lets your IoT/M2M devices use lightweight protocols without compromising security, and allows connection to your cloud without relay servers or SDKs.

Soracom Beam

Control devices remotely

Keep an eye on power usage and location with Soracom Inventory. You can can also send commands, update firmware, or establish specific actions based on device readings. Your devices are recognized automatically, with no need for stored credentials.

Soracom Inventory

Monitor data traffic

Monitor data traffic based on real-time statistical information, or apply business rules using your own applications. Soracom Junction supports inspection, mirroring, and redirection of packets passing through your Virtual Private Gateway (VPG).

Soracom Junction

Reference Hardware

From SIMs and eSIMs to 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and even Cat M1 IoT modems, dongles, routers, and starter kits, we know there are a lot of options out there. You can find the ones we use ourselves in our online store.