SORACOM Inventory - IoT Remote Device Management

Remote device management for IoT

Inventory lets you remotely monitor and manage the status and settings of your connected devices. Keep an eye on power usage and location, send commands, update firmware, or establish specific actions based on device readings.

Inventory uses the Open Mobile Alliance Lightweight M2M protocol (LWM2M) to support remote management of devices connected using SORACOM Air without requiring use of device management servers, configurations, or credentials.

What does Inventory solve?

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on power usage, signal strength, location, and more.

Device Management

Update firmware, send commands, start and stop devices or processes — programmatically or on the fly.

Cloud Integration

Use SORACOM Beam, Funnel, or Harvest to visualize device data or send it to servers and public clouds.

Automatic device registration

Inventory remote device management uses a LWM2M agent running on the device.

However, rather than requiring registration and key exchange, Inventory works with SORACOM Air wireless connectivity to allow auto-registration of devices with no need for stored credentials.


Working with Inventory

Inventory lets you receive notifications from devices, read and write device data, and execute commands (for instance, restarting devices or processes).

For technical details, use cases, and instructions for getting
started, visit the Soracom developer site.

WM2M agents are available today for Linux (C client), Linux (Java client) and Android.