Soracom Global IoT SIM Card

Soracom IoT SIM card are designed for global cellular connectivity across 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and Cat M1.

An IoT SIM Card Built for Project Managers

The secure Soracom IoT SIM card is designed for the unique needs of connected devices:

• Global 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and Cat M1 cellular connectivity
• Commitment-free pricing
• Full range of form factors, including eSIM technology
• A complete set of tools to manage devices and data
• A wide range of secure networking options
• Enhanced connection to leading public clouds

Wherever you develop, manufacture, deliver or deploy your devices, you can count on the service you need, delivered on the strongest network available and optimized for IoT and M2M.

Subscription Containers for Advanced Multi-IMSI Capability

Soracom Air Subscription Containers enable lightweight, over-the-air subscription management that works with both eUICC and standard UICC SIMs and eSIMs. This removes the need to download and store large volumes of data when adding profiles, and also lets IoT devices add subscriptions to any SIM subscribed to Soracom’s standard global data plan (plan01s).

Details and documentation


The Soracom IoT SIM card comes triple-cut to fit any standard SIM slot.

For more rugged applications and compact form factors, the Soracom eSIM offers reduced size, improved reliability and durability, and enhanced resistance to vibration and temperature changes. To ensure that you’re never locked in, all Soracom eSIMs are EUICC-compliant.

Full Soracom SIM and eSIM specifications.

Supports AWS IoT Greengrass Hardware Security Integration

The Soracom eSIM can now provide hardware security module (HSM) services through the new Soraseed applet, and is qualified for AWS IoT Greengrass hardware security integration (HSI), which introduces hardware root of trust private key storage to the AWS IoT Greengrass security model.

In the absence of hardware security, developers who want to take advantage of cloud resources are often forced to put their devices and networks at risk by storing preloaded credentials in the file system. Hardware security integration approach allows developers of connected devices to maintain and update keys securely within the SIM.

This telecom-grade security approach also allows manufacturers of connected devices to streamline production and increase flexibility. Devices using AWS IoT Greengrass HSI with the eUICC-compatible Soracom Air eSIM can ship with a common firmware image and receive unique credentials at the time of deployment through the Soracom console and API.

• For details on AWS IoT Greengrass Hardware Security integration, see the AWS Official Blog
• For details on the Soraseed applet and a how-to for IoT Greengrass HSI integration, see the Soracom blog [LINK TBD]
• For pricing and activation information, please contact us

An IoT connection you can count on


No per-device minimum. True pay-as-you-go pricing. Pay only for the data you use.


With service in over 130 countries, devices get the connection they need on the strongest network available.


Manage your entire network with the Soracom Management Console and API

Technical Capabilities

Data Usage Monitoring

Data usage for every IoT SIM card is charted in the user console and always available via API.

SIM Local Info

The Soracom IoT SIM card applet can pull device location, remaining charge, and more.


Lock IoT SIM cards to specific devices to prevent tampering.

CHAP Authentication

Protect connections with a username and password.

Custom DNS

Use your own DNS servers to control access, switch access points, or program trigger-based DNS changes with the API.

Metadata Service

View, update, or even change device connection information over HTTP. No SDK or credentials required.

SMS Communication

Send SMS messages to devices, between devices, or from devices to your servers and clouds.


Reduce data cost by using USSD for small data payloads.

IoT Management Console and API

With an easy-to-use web console and full-featured API, the Soracom IoT SIM card gives you fully programmable control over every connection in IoT/M2M network.

• Monitor data usage network-wide
• Zoom in on any connection
• Change data transfer speed for any or every active IoT SIM card
• Start, stop, or pause connections
• Use ICCID, IMSI, or IMEI to manage devices, or go deeper with our full suite of IoT connectivity products

Full API documentation is always available on the Soracom Developer Site.

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